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Thanks to Lary Shaffer for his "painstaking work" finding them amongst a million other US Patents!

updated 07/07/2017
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Date and Pat No Inventor(s) Device Patented Assigned to Location Link to PDF 
1852 9054 Hodge, N Four wheel velocipede: mention could be on railroads N. Adams, MA patents/1852 9054.pdf
1853 10073 Mann, Z.H. wheel Newport KY patents/1853 10073.pdf
1854 10,568 Hall & Sturdevant Snow plow for handcar South Paris, ME patents/1854 10568.pdf
1857 17,793 Kipp & Lawrenson Flywheel for vertical lever handcar New York, NY patents/1857 17793.pdf
1859 26263 Fisher, H. Crank and car Alliance, OH patents/1859 26263.pdf
1859 26453 Welsch, A. Lever and treadle handcar Chicago, IL patents/1859 26453.pdf
1864 41574 Groel, P. Crank handcar ratchet crank L.E. Holden Cleveland, OH patents/1864 41574.pdf
1868 76814 Rhoads, T. Ratchet drive Fiskilwa, IL patents/1868 76814.pdf
1869 88,675 Stokes Spring self-propelled railway car starter Philadelphia, PA patents/1869 88675.pdf
1869 89,584 Irwin, J. H. Velocipede bicycle with 2 wheels Philadelphia, PA patents/1869 89584.pdf
1869 93,159 Aspinwall, J.A. & Perry, C.M. Penny farthing-like rail bike New Utrecht, NY patents/1869 93159.pdf
1869 94,469 Brown, H.L. Std Handcar: Split walking beam Adrian, MI patents/1869 94469.pdf
1871 112,008 Beekman, W.T. handcar lifting device Petersburg, IL patents/1871 112008.pdf
1871 115,609 Hearne, John C. Irish mail 4 wheeler self & G.W. Dietzler Lawrence Kansas patents/1871 115609.pdf
1871 116,062 Johnston, David Reciprocating pedal 4 wheeler Eddyville, IA patents/1871 116062.pdf
1871 116,527 Hasting, M.E. Crank handcar with lifting device Salisbury MD patents/1871 116527.pdf
1872 122,814 Collins, J. Vertical lever handcar: fingers for notched rail on ground self & J.D Saltgaves Fairview, OH patents/1872 122814.pdf
1872 123,322 Cathell, L. J. Pushcar Lifting device Salisbury, MD patents/1872 123322.pdf
1873 5,274a Brown, H. L. Std Handcar: Split walking beam Adrian, MI patents/1873 5274a.pdf
1873 5,274b Brown, H. L. Std Handcar: Split walking beam Adrian, MI patents/1873 5274b.pdf
1872 133872 McGinn, J. Brake for handcar 1/2 to C.T. Merry Norwalk, OH patents/1872 133872.pdf
1873 136652 Hunt, D.M. Std Handcar: walking beam Southampton Mills, PA patents/1873 136652.pdf
1873 137,922 Hinckley, J.D. Std Handcar: Split walking beam Adrian, MI patents/1873 137922.pdf
1873 140039 Hinckley J.D. Std Handcar: Split walking beam Adrian, MI patents/1873 140039.pdf
1873 142,443 Day, J. Winch device for hauling pushcars up hill Holley, NY patents/1873 142443.pdf
1873 143,513 Kenyon, L. H. Std Handcar: Two full walking beams East Greenwich, RI patents/1873 143513.pdf
1874 153423 Cooke, A. Power to velocipede from rocking seat--mentions RR use Cincinnati, OH patents/1874 153423.pdf
1874 154,925 Stephenson, J.G. and Burroughs, L. S. Crank handcar Sulphur Springs, OH patents/1874 154925.pdf
1874 156,138 Crossman, M. Std handcar: one walking beam Marshall, Michigan patents/1874 156138.pdf
1874 156,628 Busser, J. Vertical Lever handcar Philadelphia, PA patents/1874 156628.pdf
1874 157,397 Hodges, J.W. Pushcar track clearing plow Grand Rapids, Michigan patents/1874 157397.pdf
1875 159,266 Hopkins L. C. and Cooke, A. Std Handcar driven by horizontal rocking seat Cincinnati, OH patents/1875 159266.pdf
1875 163,176 Gabert, J. H. Std Handcar driven by belt/chain and flywheel Athens, OH patents/1875 163176.pdf
1875 167,119 Ray, B.F. Vertical Levers handcar Baltimore, MD patents/1875 167119.pdf
1876 172456 Lambkin, E Spring driven handcar Seebwaing, Michigan patents/1876 172456.pdf
1876 178950 Pluck, M. Track clearer snow flanger Horicon, WI patents/1876 178950.pdf
1876 182,896 Converse, L. R. Crank handcar with special gearing Shenandoah, IA patents/1876 182896.pdf
1876 184,232 Deyerle, C. A. Crank handcar with special gearing Big Spring, VA patents/1876 184232.pdf
1876 184,761 Corey, W. W. Vertical lever handcar with several connecting rods Lisbon, NH patents/1876 184761.pdf
1877 193,214 Bemis, G, W. Crank handcar with bevel gear drive Cincinnati, OH patents/1877 193214.pdf
1877 198,461 Joute, P. F. and Bernard, C. F. Std Handcar with horiz lever and multiple pulley drive Cincinnati, OH patents/1877 198461.pdf
1878 201,923 Huebner, C. Std handcar with gallows fame, 2 horiz lever and belt drive Newark, N.J. patents/1878 201923.pdf
1878 205651 Kauflie, H. A. Walking beam handcar Lansdale, PA patents/1878 205651.pdf
1878 210,332 Kerr, C. C. Vertical lever handcar self and others Springfield, MO patents/1878 210332.pdf
1879 213,254 Sheffield, G. S. Velocipede Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1879 213254.pdf
1879 215,334 Davenport, N. Velocipede: penny farthing drive , folding 3rd wheel Troy, NY patents/1879 215334.pdf
1879/83 RE 10,303 Sheffield, G.S. Velocipede Sheffield Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1879 1883 RE 10303.pdf
1880 225585 Fox, W. H. Velocipede-penny farthing w/ angle training wheels New Haven, CT patents/1880 225585.pdf
1880 226,304 Glover, T. G. Jr. Velocipede 4 wheel 4 person Bedford, IN patents/1880 226304.pdf
1880 RE 9,348 Aspinwall, J. A. & Perry, C. M. Reissue velocipede pat from 1880 George S. Sheffield & Co Utrecht, NY patents/1880 RE 9348.pdf
1880 233,395 Bebout, J. McC. Handcar/pushcar lifting and turning device Madison, IN patents/1880 233395.pdf
1880 RE9571 Sheffield, G. S. Reissue of 1881 patent for Velocipede George S. Sheffield & Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1880 RE9571.pdf
1881 239,301 Sheffield, G. S. Wheel for handcar steel spokes and wood in rim George S. Sheffield & Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1881 239301.pdf
1881 242,252 Beger, C. Velocipede self & G. Liedman Berlin, Germany patents/1881 242252.pdf
1881 244,926 Ouellet, J. Std Handcar walking beam with double crank 1/2 to P.E. Grandbois Fraserville Quebec Canada patents/1881 244926.pdf
1881 246,000 Ferres, J.T. Three wheeled velocipede with belt drive St Joseph. MO patents/1881 246000.pdf
1881 249,251 Murphy, J. Velocipede Brooklyn, NY patents/1881 249251.pdf
1881 249895 Campbell, O.F. & Prindle, F.L. Veocepide set up like penny farthing bike Charlotte, MI patents/1881 249895.pdf
1881 251,661 Walz, S.H. Spoked Wheel Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1881 251661.pdf
1882 253,286 Hill, T. Velocipede 1/2  to C. Colbeth Troy, NY patents/1882 253286.pdf
1882 255,684 Sessions, H. H. Std handcar double offset crank with no dead spot Palestine, TX patents/1882 255684.pdf
1882 258,589 Mosher,G.A. Velocipede 1/2 to N. Davenport Troy, NY patents/1882 258589.pdf
1882 260,903 Sheffield, G. S. Velocipede with carrying shelf 1/2 to W. Willits Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1882 260903.pdf
1882 261,966 Stock, H. T. 2 person 4 wheel assisted penny farthing crank car Toledo, OH patents/1882 261966.pdf
1882 263,732 Sheffield, G. S. Wheel wooden spoked as in No. 1 handcar Sheffield Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1882 263732.pdf
1882 263,990 Stoner, A.M. 3 wheeled velocipede reciprocating ratchet drive   Albuquerque NM patents/1882 263990.pdf
1882 265,987 Sheffield, G. S. Various features of the Sheffield No 1 handcar  Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1882 265987.pdf
1882 267,772 Brewer, W.J. Belt driven crank handcar  Bombay India patents/1882 267772.pdf
1882 269,237 Sheffield, G. S. Seat and handel driven 3 wheeled velocipede  Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1882 269237.pdf
1882 269,490 Walz, S.H. Three wheeled velocipede  Three Rivers Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1882 269490.pdf
1883 269,906 Willits, W.J. Seat and lever driven velocipede Sheffield Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1883 269906.pdf
1883 270,320 Linsley, E.B. 3 wheeled folding velocipede with chain drive Sheffield Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1883 270320.pdf
1883 270,375 Billings, J.D. Double lever walking beam hand car   Salem, MA patents/1883 270375.pdf
1883 270,480 Randall, F. W. velocipede G.W. Miller & W.E. Hill Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1883 270480.pdf
1883 270,481 Randall, F.W. Spoked railcar wheel G.W. Miller & W.E. Hill Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1883 270481.pdf
1883 270,678 Johnson, R.H. No gallows frame handcar converts to pushcar Palestine TX Palestine TX patents/1883 270678.pdf
1883 271,720 Linsley, E.B. 3 wheel velocipede  Sheffield Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1883 271720.pdf
1883 279,356 Denton, W.B. treadle power for velocipede--mentions RR application Wichita KS patents/1883 279356.pdf
1883 280,702 Willits, W.J. wooden car wheel whee spoke thickness eliminates felloe Sheffield Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1883 280702.pdf
1883 282,528 Jeffery, T.B.  Four wheel railway velocipede Chicago, Ill patents/1883 282528.pdf
1883 283,063 Blake, H. Vertical lever handcar  Chicago, Ill patents/1883 283063.pdf
1883 286,623 McGaffey I.W. Velocipede drive mechanism  Everett B. Preston Chicago, Ill  patents/1883 286623.pdf
1883 288507 Spencer, G.N. Velocipede ratchet drive A 1/2 to Hiram Gaskins Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1883 288507.pdf
1883 289017 Miller, G.W. Velocipede brake and drive  Kalamazoo, MI patents/1883 289017.pdf
1883 290,703 Perkins, J.C. 2 w. beam handcar, pipe gallows Assign   G. Miller & H. Hines Kalamazoo MI patents/1883 290703.pdf
1884 294,224 Greene, G.A. Human operated power plant for handcar  Taylor TX patents/1884 294224.pdf
1884 294,681 Schaffer, J.H. Vertical lever ratchet handcar,  Blue River, IN patents/1884 294681.pdf
1884 298,736 Dunbar, W. & Kinley, J.R. 4 wheel Velocipede telescoping axles  Minneapolis, MN patents/1884 298736.pdf
1884 302,840 Greer, S.V. Crank handcar   Rocky Hill Station, KY patents/1884 302840.pdf
1884 306,001 Cook, J.H. Handcar gears Assign  1/2 to H.M. Evans and C.T. Evans Xenia, IL patents/1884 306001.pdf
1885 312332 Copp, C.H. 4 wheel velocipede   Marks Automatic Car Coupler Cleveland OH patents/1885 312332.pdf
1885 312,572 Milliron, J. Jr. Double lever handcar  1/2 to S.W. Steele Nashville, TN patents/1885 312572.pdf
1885 317437 Beach, D. H. Four wheel velocipede   Litchfield, CT patents/1885 317437.pdf
1885 318,163 Bryant, R.P. & Gilleland, J.H. Railway tamper  Jacksonville, AL patents/1885 318163.pdf
1885 332348 Kilgore, I. P. Snow Ploe Flanger   West Point, IL patents/1885 332348.pdf
1886 340,723 McDonald, J.W. Track lifter handcar  self and R.D. Bathgate Winnepeg Canada patents/1886 340723.pdf
1886 340,845 Willits, W.J. & Linsley, E.B. Wooden wheels  Sheffield Velocipede Car Co  Three Rivers MI patents/1886 340845.pdf
1887 355,962 Arcus, S. Device to lift handcar off track   Chicago, IL patents/1887 355962.pdf
1887 361,354 Estlow, F.R. Handcar gearing  Barnegat, N.J. patents/1887 361354.pdf
1887 363,838 Miller, G.W. steel wheel with paper filling Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1887 363838.pdf
1887 363,839 Miller, G.W. car wheel made of wood and paper Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1887 363839.pdf
1887 366,882 Rombauer, R.G. Chain drive handcar Carthage, MI patents/1887 366882.pdf
1887 367,260 Arcus, S. Device for lifting handar off tracks Chicago, IL patents/1887 367260.pdf
1887 369,039 Wardell, C.W. Weed cutter for handcar    1/2 to W.O.Pulley Freeport KN patents/1887 369039.pdf
1887 369752 Swartout, W.B. Car wheel Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1887 369752.pdf
1887 373,084 Miller, G.W. Die for shaping car wheel Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1887 373084.pdf
1887 375,466 Westervelt, B.J. Wooden wheel  BudaFoundry & Manufacturing Co Buda, IL patents/1887 375466.pdf
1888 376,073 Collier, C.L. 3 wheel 2 lever velocipede  Howell, MI patents/1888 376073.pdf
1888 376,604 Mansfield, A. K. novel handcar power train   Chicago, IL patents/1888 376604.pdf
1888 377,352 Chapel, D. novel handcar power train   1/2 to C. Nutting San Francisco, CA patents/1888 377352.pdf
1888 388,416 Hockett, P. novel handcar power train  Stafford County Kansas patents/1888 388416.pdf
1888 390,662 Goble, T. novel velocipede power train   Savona, NY patents/1888 390662.pdf
1888 393,015 Lee, M. handcar track raiser   Alma City, MN patents/1888 393015.pdf
1889 400,409 Morrissey, T. & Doyle, J steam railway motor car   Ionia, MI patents/1889 400409.pdf
1889 401,469 Staser, V.A. ring gear powered handcar   Haines City, FL patents/1889 401469.pdf
1889 405893 Kuhl, A. F. removable handcar roof and walls   Van Wert, OH patents/1889 405893.pdf
1889 406,696 Barwis, T.S. vertical lever geared handcar  Arthabaskaville, PQ, Canada patents/1889 406696.pdf
1889 406,935 Murphy, J. jr ratcheting crank for crank handcars        B. Handy  Springfield, MA patents/1889 406935.pdf
1889 408225 Engels, W.H. vertical lever racheting handcar   Farmington, Arkansas patents/1889 408225.pdf
1889 RE 11,021
1889 408,890 Mann, H.F. pressed steel wheel Allegheny, PA patents/1889 408890.pdf
1889 408,891 Mann, H.F. pressed wheel manufacture  Allegheny, PA patents/1889 408891.pdf
1889 409,430 Ross, W.E. Anti-friction bearing   Sparta, NJ patents/1889 409430.pdf
1889 410,324 Mann, H.F. pressed steel wheel   Allegheny, PA patents/1889 410324.pdf
1889 413,742 Stump, I.E. horizontal ring gear handcar drive      1/2 C.S. Pierce Richville, OH patents/1889 413742.pdf
1889 416,637 Morrissey, T. & Doyle, J Pressed steel wheel   Ionia, MI patents/1889 416637.pdf
1890 419,591 Mayfield, R.N. Railway tricycle Boulder CO patents/1890 419591.pdf
1890 420,825 Nacey, P. Weed mowing handcar  1/2 to Sheffield Velocipede Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1890 420825.pdf
1890 421,908 Close, J.W. Steam rail building car  J.C. Graves Buffalo NY patents/1890 421908.pdf
1890 429,962 Roberts, C. Vertical lever handcar  Three Rivers, MI patents/1890 429962.pdf
1890 429,963 Roberts, C. Wrong drawing with PDF Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1890 429963.pdf
1890 435,977 McKee, N. Seat and handle driven 3 wheeled velocipede  Chicago, IL patents/1890 435977.pdf
1890 437,122 Knaus, J.M. roller bearing   Sedalia, MO patents/1890 437122.pdf
1890 439358 Mann, H.F. steel and wooden car wheels Allegheny, PA patents/1890 439358.pdf
1890 440230 Kreyczik, J. hand propelled tram car   Vienna, Austria-Hungary patents/1890 440230.pdf
1891 446,713 Roberts, C. removable vertical lever handcar   Three Rivers MI patents/1891 446713.pdf
1891 446,714 Roberts, C. removable vertical lever handcar Three Rivers MI patents/1891 446714.pdf
1891 446,715 Roberts, C. Handcar brake   Three Rivers MI patents/1891 446715.pdf
1891 446,716 Roberts, C. Novel handcar frame for heavy loads  Three Rivers MI patents/1891 446716.pdf
1891 447,935 Brady, F. velocipede for road or rail assign   Amer. Railway Tricycle Co Portland ME patents/1891 447935.pdf
1891 455,577 Roberts, C. removable vertical lever handcar   Three Rivers MI patents/1891 455577.pdf
1891 455,578 Roberts, C. removable vertical lever handcar  Portland ME patents/1891 455578.pdf
1891 455,579 Roberts, C. Handcar brake & removable gallows frame  Three Rivers MI patents/1891 455579.pdf
1891 456,982 Courtright, E. chain drive walking beam handcar C. Daves & F. Langley Detroit MI patents/1891 456982.pdf
1891 460,467 De Camp C.C. handcar track gauge   Durand MI patents/1891 460467.pdf
1891 460,558 Lo Casto, T. crank handcar enclosed mechanism with balance weights  Jefferson TX patents/1891 460558.pdf
1891 461,727 Allen, R. & Ross, H. machine for applying track nuts   Revelstoke B.C. Canada patents/1891 461727.pdf
1891 462,190 Baker, J.H. bevel gear drive handcar     many assignors St Joseph, MO patents/1891 462190.pdf
1891 462,389 Ballard, J.W. vertical shaft with walking beam handcar    W. Johnson Toledo OH patents/1891 462389.pdf
1891 462,508 Roberts, C. Novel drive mechanism for handcar Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1891 462508.pdf
1891 462,509 Roberts, C. vertical shaft handcar  Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1891 462509.pdf
1891 462,872 Westervelt, B.J. Steel wheel  Buda Iron Works Buda IL patents/1891 462872.pdf
1891 462,908 Brady, F. bicycles turned into velocipedes American Tricycle Co Portland ME Denver CO patents/1891 462908.pdf
1891 464,357
Gibson, M.B Bike on rails with outrigger and guide wheels Ukiah, CA patents/1891 464357.pdf
1890 436,811 Stump, I. E. Velocipede   1/2 to Calivin Pierce Cleveland patents/1890 436811.pdf
1892 468,511 Courtright, E. metal gallows frame   Detroit, MI patents/1892 468511.pdf
1892 468,611 Chamberlain, E. 3 wheel velocipede    G. Lease    Centralia, MO patents/1892 468611.pdf
1892 468,671 Mann, H.F. novel drive train 3 wheel velocipede   Allegheny, PA patents/1892 468671.pdf
1892 468,672 Mann, H.F. metal frame 3 wheel velocipede    Allegheny, PA patents/1892 468672.pdf
1892 468,673 Mann, H.F. novel drive train 3 wheel velocipede   Allegheny, PA patents/1892 468673.pdf
1892 468,674 Mann, H.F. novel drive train 3 wheel velocipede   Allegheny, PA patents/1892 468674.pdf
1892 468,675 Mann, H.F. pie crust flange wheel  Allegheny, PA patents/1892 468675.pdf
1982 468,676 Mann, H.F. Steel wheel  Allegheny, PA patents/1982 468676.pdf
1892 471,143 Schafer, C. handcar novel crankshaft no gallows frame  Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1892 471143.pdf
1882 472,415 Ward, W. Steel  wheel flat spokes Buda IL patents/1882 472415.pdf
1892 473,586 Miller, G.W. Velocipede  Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1892 473586.pdf
1892 474,855 Parker, J.R. novel crank drive handcar     1/2 A. Horton Milford TX patents/1892 474855.pdf
1892 475,018 Miller, G.W. steel handcar wheel Klalmazoo, Michigan patents/1892 475018.pdf
1892 481,021 Greene, J.W. tray for carrying stuff on handcar   White City, Kansas patents/1892 481021.pdf
1892 486,671 Mann, H.F. 3 wheel velocipede Allegheny, PA patents/1892 486671.pdf
1892 486,675 Mann, H.F. Pie crust flanged car wheel Allegheny, PA patents/1892 486675.pdf
1892 487,376 Roberts, C. Removable single post gallows frame Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1892 487376.pdf
1892 487,377 Roberts, C. removable walking beam for handcar   Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1892 487377.pdf
1892 487,378 Roberts, C. Vertical lever handcar T Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1892 487378.pdf
1892 488,200 Hotchkiss, A.E. Velocipede riding on fence-like rail Cheshire , CT patents/1892 488200.pdf
1893 491,456 Willits, W.J. stxeel railway car wheel Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1893 491456.pdf
1893 492,337 Randolph, W Novel 3 wheel velocipede drive train   Ashton, NB patents/1893 492337.pdf
1893 494,900 Sindelar, J. Mowing machine  Ipswich, SD patents/1893 494900.pdf
1893 495,529 Taft, J.M. chain drive ratchet velocepide  South Heart SD patents/1893 495529.pdf
1893 505,830 Hitt, A. Bevel gear drive handcar  1/2 I. J. Cobin Jersey City, NJ patents/1893 505830.pdf
1893 509182 Roberts, C. Dec'd pushcar frame Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1893 509182.pdf
1893 509,579 Miller, G.W. spoked car wheel Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1893 509579.pdf
1893 511,198 Donovan, J. Handcar  brake  Roberts Throp Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1893 511198.pdf
1893 511211 Roberts, C. Dec'd Walking beam that resists twist Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1893 511211.pdf
1894 514,449 Donovan, J. Velocipede   Roberts Throp Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1894 514449.pdf
1894 514,729 Roberts, C. Dec'd removable gallows frame for handcar  Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1894 514729.pdf
1894 514,844 Benesh, C. handcar convertible to push car     1/2 C. Harrison Whapeton, ND patents/1894 514844.pdf
1994 521,787 Fisher, A.J. Maunfacture of steel wheel    Buda IL patents/1994 521787.pdf
1894 522,438 Talbot, T. novel drive train for handcar   Mattawa, Canada patents/1894 522438.pdf
1894 525,919 McMurrin, J. double end drive handcar   Shoshone, Idaho patents/1894 525919.pdf
1894 528,278 Roberts, C. Dec'd insulating sleeve for car wheel   Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1894 528278.pdf
1895 533,081 Player, J. car wheel removable tire    Topeka, Kansas patents/1895 533081.pdf
1895 534,774 Willits, W.J. Car wheel   Sheffield Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1895 534774.pdf
1895 536,205 Herz, R. bicycle 2 flanged rear wheel, very wide flanged front wheel Paris, TX patents/1895 536205.pdf
1895 536,531 Kingsberry, M.V. device to aid removal from track   Dover, Delaware patents/1895 536531.pdf
1895 537,497 Teetor, C. N. four wheeled velocipede bike frame style Muncie, IN patents/1895 537497.pdf
1895 538,101 Donovan, J. clutch for handcar crank shaft  Roberts Throp Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1895 538101.pdf
1895 542,254 Heaton, G.E. Attachment to make railbike  Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1895 542254.pdf
1895 542,326 Brady, F. bicycle-type velocipedes Chicago, IL patents/1895 542326.pdf
1895 542,327 Brady, F. bicycle-type velocipedes Chicago, IL patents/1895 542327.pdf
1895 544,825 Powers, W.T. land marker   Udall Kansas patents/1895 544825.pdf
1895 547,019 Miller, G.W. bicycle turned into velocipede Kalamazoo, Michigan patents/1895 547019.pdf
1895 550,520 Mellor, W.J. Three wheeled velocipede pedalled like bike Lozier, TX patents/1895 550520.pdf
1895 551622 Donovan, J. & Behan, C. track gauge  Roberts Throp Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1895 551622.pdf
1895 551623 Donovan, J. Four wheel velocipede  Roberts Throp Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1895 551623.pdf
1896 553083 Thompson, J. J. Velo and std handcar chain drive   Jacksonville Fla patents/1896 553083.pdf
1896 553617 Hitt, A. removable walking beam no gallows frame   Jersey City, NJ patents/1896 553617.pdf
1896 558,615 Saladee, W.H. novel gearing of handcar drive train       1/2  J. Pruitt Bedford IN patents/1896 558615.pdf
1896 567,362 Small, H. vertical lever handcar   San Antoino TX patents/1896 567362.pdf
1896 569,683 Teetor, C. N. four wheeled velocipede bike frame style Hagerstown, IN patents/1896 569683.pdf
1897 575,337 Dehlin A. G. & Clark B. C. Pedal bicycle made into trike with wheel guides for tires Seattle, WA patents/1897 575337.pdf
1897 575,465 Donovan, J. Three or four wheeled velocipede Roberts Throp Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1897 575465.pdf
1897 581,284 Henderson Wheel spinning  Sheffield Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1897 581284.pdf
1897 584,523 Rousey, W.N. coil spring drive  Greybill TX patents/1897 584523.pdf
1897 586,601 Glover, I.N. coil spring assist to handcar power train   Andover Arkansas patents/1897 586601.pdf
1897 588,551 Brodbeck, W.P. bicycle attachment   Gallatin, Missouri patents/1897 588551.pdf
1898 596,895 Martin, W.H. hanging monorail propelled by pedals Mobile AL patents/1898 596895.pdf
1898 598,450 Teetor, C. N. four wheeled velocipede bike frame style Hagerstown, IN patents/1898 598450.pdf
1898 599,201 Smith, J.L. handcar mowing machine      Oliva Thomas Sumner, NB patents/1898 599201.pdf
1898 599,912 McGeorge, J. Handcar to be powered by hydrocarbon engine   Cleveland, OH patents/1898 599912.pdf
1898 601,439 Heaton, G.E. ratchet on chain velocipede drive train  Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1898 601439.pdf
1898 609,881 Flesher, P. Chain drive handcar   Hoyt, Kansas patents/1898 609881.pdf
1898 610,297 Armstrong, P. handcar convertable to pushar   Kankankee, IL patents/1898 610297.pdf
1898 611, 808 Donovan, J. 4 wheel velocipede Roberts Throp Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1898 611 808.pdf
1898 615,237
Balser, C.F. Bike on rails with outrigger and guide wheels Springfield, IL patents/1898 615 237.pdf
1898 615,753 Schaffer, M.B. Handcar frame and drive mechanism   1/2 C.H. Howard St Louis MO patents/1898 615753.pdf
1899 617,344 Milliron, J. flangeless drive wheel  Nashville, TN patents/1899 617344.pdf
1899 620,586 Henderson, J. Carbureter for railcar  Sheffield Car Co Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1899 620586.pdf
1899 626,580 Wagner, P. bicycle 2 double flanged wheels with sliding seat to balance Constantinple, Turkey patents/1899 626580.pdf
1899 627,550 Vance, J. ditch marker  Franklin TN patents/1899 627550.pdf
1899 630,142 Walkup, G.O. Sod line marker   Ryan Iowa patents/1899 630142.pdf
1899 636,958 Donovan, J. Steel spoked wheel  Three Rivers, Michigan patents/1899 636958.pdf
1900 642,857 Van Treek, B. double bevel gear retchet handcar   Crawford, IA patents/1900 642857.pdf
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1978 DE225845 B2 Bernhard Seat and pedals hanging from track PATENT REFUSED  
1998 WO 1998046466 A1 Burman, Lars Rail cycle with outrigger